Even The Dog Is Thankful For Argyle

Smoky is ready for Thanksgiving. He’s also ready for me to throw that ball for him.

I, on the other hand, am only roughly 70% ready for the big day tomorrow. Beer and wine have been acquired, one of the two turkeys had been brined, cooked, and carved, and nearly every visible surface in this house had been made shiny and visitor-ready.

Of course, my first step this morning to prepare for tomorrow was to put on the appropriate pair of socks, and nothing could have made me happier than having a pair of Thanksgiving-colored argyles. Especially considering that I truly believed not long ago that I’d worn all the argyle I was going to get to this year. The Puddinette took care of me, though, and set me up with an awesome pair to rock for National Tryptofan Day.

In fact, when she got them for me, I fully expected to be wearing them on Thanksgiving itself, not the day before. That is, until I was handed the pair I’m going to sport upon the morrow.

Trust me, argyle or not, you’ll see then that I made the right choice. Until then, have a great Thursday, everyone. And for all my USA-based friends out there, may your Thanksgiving be filled with family, friends, and fantastic foods!