Socks for Social Distancing, Day 3

I thought the Tetris socks were the right call today because at this point we’ve all got limited space to work with, new, hardly recognizable shit is flying towards us at an ever increasing rate, and somehow we’ve got to deal with a boatload of crazy, disorganized, twisty-turned pieces before they smack us in the face faster then you can say COVID-19. It’s more than a little nerve-wracking, and anyone who isn’t already feeling at least a little overwhelmed is either lying to themselves or, well, my hero.

Possibly some of both.

That’s only half the reason I chose these today. The other is because this pair of socks, The Tetris Socks, have always been a little different than the others from the Great Sock Experiment of 2018. If you’ll recall, these appeared in our mailbox one day in June of 2018 and we have, to date, never learned who donated them to the cause. They were a perfect little anonymous gift, right when we needed them, and if you ask me, a perfect little anonymous gift to brighten things a smidge is exactly what pretty much everyone could use about now. Especially since every other thing I seem to hear about is just more bad.

Hang in there, kids, and be on the lookout for your own little piece of pleasant surprise on the horizon. They’re out there, somewhere. We just need to find them.


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