The Perfectly Amazing Tetris Mystery Of 2018

My life has become a strange and wonderful thing. I was lamenting to the Puddinette on earlier this week that what I really needed for Old School Video Game Week was a pair of Tetris socks, but I was just going to make due with what we had. After all, I probably have in the neighborhood of a 100 pairs of socks ready to go in the drawer. Going on a wild goose chase for a specific pair of video game socks was pretty much the last stop before a six week-long stint at Babbling Acres for “rest”, which is a nicer way to put, “contemplating what my life has become, even.”

But then things took a turn for the surreal yesterday afternoon, when the wife messaged me a picture of a brand new pair of socks she found in the mailbox while collecting our daily assortment of marketing flyers. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was an absolutely perfect pair of Tetris crews.

No note.

No name.

No address.

No packaging.

We seemed to have reached some wholly inexplicable yet amazing moment during The Great Sock Challenge of 2018, where some anonymous awesome person has contributed the perfect socks to the collection at the absolute perfect time. I’m simply flabbergasted. Besides myself, even. Just. Completely. Totally. Gobsmacked.

So whoever stopped at our mailbox yesterday and stuffed it with amazing sockage, thank you. You’re the most awesome ever.

Simply the best. Just like these socks.