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Hard Wired, Just Like The Originals

And so ends Old School Video Game Week, the way the three dozen pigeon gods of the ancients intended, with NES controllers. Now it’s maybe time for a cartoon or two.

The Perfectly Amazing Tetris Mystery Of 2018

My life has become a strange and wonderful thing. I was lamenting to the Puddinette on earlier this week that what I really needed for Old School Video Game Week was a pair of Tetris socks, but I was just going to make due with what we had. After all, I probably have in the […]

Super Stars Socks

Today I got to sport Starmen on my feet, which was fortuitous as it was the first day you could get one of the newly released NES Classics. (Believe it or not, I actually didn’t know about that Monday when I coincidentally declared this Old School Video Game week.) So, as I was wearing Starmen, […]

Hey, Listen!

Yes, these are Zelda socks. ZELDA. Like, look at that Tri-Force! I mean, this might be the best Thursday ever.

Sweet 8-Bit Nostalgia

I heart these socks. Odds are fairly good that these will end up on the short list of pairs I end up keeping at the end of the year. They remind me of a simpler time in my life, when the only thing I wanted to hide from was Middle School. As it turns out, […]


I was pretty giddy when the Puddinette acquired a pair of old-school Mega Man socks for me, and doubly so when I realized I could fit them neatly into Old School Video Game week. Thankfully, but not surprisingly, I’m totally not alone in recognizing which socks are just solid, and which ones are fundamentally kick […]

It’s-A Me, Mario Socks!

That’s right, kids, it’s Video Game Week. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, I’m pretty sure we’re potentially looking at Old School Video Game Week. I haven’t worked out the whole nine yards quite yet, but that’s looking like a definite possibility. Which is to say, I’m pretty giddy about the upcoming week in socks. […]

All The Nerdy Reminiscing

I can’t decide if these remind me more of the “City Lights” cutouts from that one Homecoming dance, a circuit board, or playing Ms. Pac-man (which any reasonable video game enthusiast will admit was objectively the best of the Pac-Man games). They kind of look like the inside of the Death Star too. Regardless, they […]

I looked at these this morning (which, apparently, was 18 hours ago at this point) and immediately saw a tiny armada of space-faring invaders, undeniably reminiscent of Galaga. Needless to say, when the video game nerd finds a pair of socks that make him think of one the first, best arcade games he’d ever played, […]