I was pretty giddy when the Puddinette acquired a pair of old-school Mega Man socks for me, and doubly so when I realized I could fit them neatly into Old School Video Game week. Thankfully, but not surprisingly, I’m totally not alone in recognizing which socks are just solid, and which ones are fundamentally kick ass.

A colleague — who has also been one of my better friends off and on for nearly 40 years now — was completely joking around and giving me the business this morning, as old friends do. Not having seen today’s socks, he joked that I was sporting a nice shirt but wearing entirely underwhelming socks. At which point, I pulled up my pants leg for the full Mega Man reveal.

It might be too much to suggest that angels sang just then, but by the delighted look on said colleague’s face, you wouldn’t have known it.

Smoky, however, being a few decades too young to properly idolize Mega Man, remains unimpressed. Then again, he also lacks the thumbs required for proper video gaming. He’d clearly be plenty happy if I threw that poor stuffed animal a few dozen times, though.