Sweet 8-Bit Nostalgia

I heart these socks. Odds are fairly good that these will end up on the short list of pairs I end up keeping at the end of the year. They remind me of a simpler time in my life, when the only thing I wanted to hide from was Middle School.

As it turns out, the NES was the perfect tool for that. Sometimes the only friends you need are Mario and MegaMan.

These days, you can’t really just escape to a video game, console or PC. Video games are, ironically enough, largely flush nowadays with the people I was trying to avoid back in the day. Plus, you’ve got never ending online holy wars raging ceaselessly between fanboys over what’s better and why. Back in my day, you’d actually have to separate yourself from your game and then modem (that’s an analog device, kids) into some bulletin board at 9600 baud to go on a crusade.

The kids today can carry on a flame war without ever leaving their Modern Warfare session. It’s sad to think that “the good days” happened at a maximum of 8 or maybe 16 bits.

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