Saturday Debate: The best lawnmower beer

The mercury’s taunting me at 83 degrees at the moment, and it’s just barely past the middle of May.  It’s giving me a kind of dreadful foreboding because I can only assume that two months from now, in the middle of July, we’ll have a string of 17 consecutive days where you’ll be able to fry a sirloin on a sunny patch of sidewalk to my Mother’s preferred level of doneness: extra well done (or as I like to call it, grey as the Cincinnati sky in February).

I know, I know.  It bothers me too.  But she’s my mother, so I choose to overlook it.  At least I’ve weaned her off the A1 sauce.

Anyway, so it’s hot today, and this summer promises to be a scorcher.  Obviously, this got me to thinking about mowing the lawn and having a cold, refreshing beer afterwards.  In fact, I rambled on about it at some length in a Hoperatives post.  Why not check it out over there and come back?  Go on, we’ll wait.

Great.  That brings us to today’s Saturday Debate…

The best lawnmower beer: kolsch, wheat, blond ale, light lager, or, um, other?

As usual, I’ve crafted a poll for you debating pleasure.  So leave your particular pair of cents, eh?