Saturday Debate: Spider-Man movies

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Mini-Me dashed into the office, Tasmanian Devil-like, a few nights ago as I was feverishly composing works that will undoubtedly someday see me held in the same rarefied company as Alfred E. Neuman and Bob Uecker.

Nearly breathless, he slid across the tiled foyer in besocked feet and,  exploded, “Dad! We should see the Amazing Spider-Man!”

I can only assume he’d just seen a commercial for it.

Well, who was I to argue with the wisdom of an 8 year-old, especially as I’m a well-known superhero aficionado anyway.  In other words, it wasn’t exactly a tough sell. Plus, one of my Father’s Day gifts had been a movie theater gift card, and I can’t think of a better way to have used it than by taking my two oldest kids with me to a movie I knew they think was cool.

And that’s why, rather than sitting around and complaining about the ridiculous heat today, we caught a matinee.

Now, I’ll be honest, when I heard they were going to reboot the franchise after such a short time, I was dubious. Honestly, I’d been a big fan of the Raimi films, especially in the beginning. But the third one had felt a bit forced.

Luckily, in the week or so since this latest rendition hit the theaters, I’ve heard nothing but good things, somewhat much to my surprise.

Well, uncertain as I was, after seeing it today, I feel compelled to say that I think this version even outdoes the original Raimi Spider-Man (although, I think they’re all pretty good).

Of course, to some, them’s fightin’ words. I figured, then, this would be a good subject for a Saturday Debate. Therefore…

Spider-Man in film: the new one, the Raimi one, or, hell, another one from the older days I’ve forgotten about?

Speak now or forever hold your peace. I’m not like to invite a fanboy flame war any other time soon, so light it up while the coals are hot!

Oh, and of course, the obligatory poll: