Man Cave, Man Cave, Man Cave!*

As is pretty evident in Tuesday’s post, I was a all kinds of excited about moving my desk to a new space for me down the basement.  A new couch, new space, a whole new daily approach to things.

Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men…**

The good news is that my desk is exactly where it’s supposed to be now.  In fact, I’m sitting at it as I type, enjoying the space around me (and being able to watch a Reds game at the same time…which I didn’t used to be able to do).  See?

I’m gonna get so much work done here!

Of course, using the term “Man Cave” might have been something of an exaggeration.  Because while, sure, I’ve got my space down here, there’s also, um, a few other things.

Did I forget to mention that Barbie lives next door?

Ahem. Yes, so there are some Barbie considerations to be made here.  I figure it’s okay, though.  This will work out great when I need help visualizing a scene I’m trying to write.  All I’ll have to do is pick a Barbie or two and play-act my way through it.  I just hope Princess Puddinette doesn’t get too upset when I have to dress her dolls up to act out that Zombie Apocalypse.

So, that aside, how’s the couch?  Well, I think this says it all:

Pretty sweet, um, wall, right?

So what’s with the big empty spot?  Well, that’s where the couch was going to go, but it turns out that that the doorway to my basement was designed for the shadow people.  You know, the kinds that are flat and disappear when they turn sideways?  At least, that’s all I can figure because it certainly wasn’t built with the intention of fitting anything through it.

In other words, unfortunately, attempting to get our new couch into the basement staircase was like trying to squeeze a full-sized grapefruit into a golf course hole.  It Just. Wasn’t. Going. In.

The new furniture was returned and refunded without a single dirty look, which was nice, and the Puddinette and I are formulating an Exciting. New. Plan. for seating in my lower.

But for now, well, I’m afraid visitors will be welcome to take a load off by grabbing a piece a wall.

That’s okay, though, just means more space to play Barbies on the floor for the time being, right?


*Sorry, Mom, but after your comment, you knew this was coming, right?
**Often go awry.  See: To a Mouse, Robert Burns

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  1. Yes, yes and yes, of course, but that still doesn’t (and NEVER will endear me to the stupid term!!! Whoever made it up should go crawl back under HIS rock; because no woman would ever have come up with that!!)


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