Bottles and cans and just clap your hands

So, it’s Thursday, which is both the day I tend to write beer-related posts for Hoperatives and recycling day. How could these things possibly be related, you ask?  Well, as I was grumbling to myself last night in contemplation of dragging our bin of recyclables to the curb, it occurred to me that half the reason for all the grumbling was because said bin is typically full, of, um, empty beer containers.

You know, from the beer-drinking elves that sneak into the house at night and consume all the beers in my fridge so I won’t have to.  Or something.  Quit judging, there, Judgey McJudgerson.  Seriously.  I can hear your judgment.

Ahem.  Anyway, it occurred to me that the recycling in question seems to have changed in composition over the last year.  See, it used to be full of a lot of bottles.  Lately, though, it seems to be lots of cans and bottles.  Which makes, sense, of course, when you realize that brewers have been transitioning to canning in greater and greater numbers over the last year.  And just like that, I realized I had myself a new post for Hoperatives.

Which went up this morning.

Hint, hint.

Let me know when you’ve finished reading it.  Then we discuss it over a couple of cans of IPA.


PS: If you’re not sure where the title of today’s post came from, A) It’s a lyric from “Where It’s At” by Beck,  B) Get offa my lawn, whippersnapper