Compensating with links and random nonsense

This isn’t exactly news, but it bears mentioning again that sometimes Life just plain sucks the dirty tailpipe of a ‘67 Buick.  Admittedly, the things that have been making my life worthy of Guest of Honor status at SuckCon 2012 may not be as irksome as the things that are making John Doe’s, Mary Jane’s, or even your life miserable in a way usually associated with hateful mothers-in-law.  But the fact remains that things swirl around the toilet for everyone sometimes, and it doesn’t matter who’s having the crappier go of things: it’s all crappy from your own point of view.

And yes, thank you for asking, I am one of those people at the moment.  Which is to say, Life’s been piling it on lately, and today was particularly crappy.  I’ll spare you the details and save my longer Treatise on the Nature of Life Occasionally Sucking  for another day.

Like, for a day when I have the emotional and mental capacity for writing something more entertaining than the yammering babbles of a toddler.

That day is not today.

Today, then, allow me to offer this:

The Oatmeal:  Now, I realize not everyone does online comics.  Which is wrong, because you totally should.  Even if you don’t, you should consider perusing The Oatmeal from time to time.  Why?  Because The Oatmeal is just awesome.  For instance, today, not only did they post this fantastic quiz to help you determine just exactly how addicted you are to Sriracha* (save it, Danny Denial, you are too hooked on the flaming hot bottle of rooster and you know it), they also started an internet fundraising campaign to buy and preserve Nikola Tesla’s laboratory and grounds for a Tesla Museum.  By comparison, today I made dinner, and, well, word-vomited this lame excuse for a blog post.

Back to School: The kids went back to school today.  What’s that?  You want proof?  Fine. Here’s the obligatory morning picture of the kids wearing their new backpacks and shoes before leaving for school:


Aww…aren’t they cute?

And…look, here’s the obligatory after school see-what-we-thought-of-the-first-day shot:


If only each subsequent day of school would be met with such enthusiasm.

I feel somewhat compelled to wax poetic about the first day and school, especially as a marker of time given that my children are getting ENTIRELY TOO GROWN UP.  But I wrote this post about the first day of school two years ago, and I don’t think I could even begin to improve upon it.  Especially not at the moment, given that I’m feeling about as eloquent as those old Budweiser frogs from the commercials at the moment.  So, yes, go read that one.

That’s it for now.

Let’s all hope for better days tomorrow.


*Full disclosure: I’m 83% addicted to Sriracha, BUT I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM!  I can, you know, quit any time I want.  Just not today.  Maybe tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Compensating with links and random nonsense

  1. I love the Oatmeal, too!! Found it via Janna Neltner. Sometimes, it just hits the nail on the head! Oh, and it’s VERY obvious that The Attitude wanted nothing to do with these pictures!! 🙂


  2. “hateful mothers-in-law” – Better not be referring to Aunt Babysitter’s mom! Them’s fightin’ words! 🙂


    1. Aw, now, you know I wouldn’t do her like that. Clearly that’s meant to refer to the prototypical Mother-in-Law caricature! 🙂


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