Earning a little misbehavior

It’s Thursday here on Earth, or at least in the American part of it.  I suppose it’s probably Friday already is some other places, but we don’t like those places with their snooty, Ooooo, I get my Friday’s before you attitude, so let’s just assume it’s Thursday everywhere for now.

Being Thursday, I’m conditioned to look forward to this evening, because Thursday nights are when I usually try out a new beer for the week.  It’s a good night for it for three reasons:

    1. because I’ve been conditioned since college to expect Thursday night to be a little bit laid back,
    2. because tomorrow’s Friday, and if you can’t sample a new beer or two in pre-celebration of the last day of the work week, what are you holdin’ on for, and
    3. Untappd (a web service where you check-in the beers you’re enjoying to keep track of ’em) has a badge for “New Brew Thursday”, which appears to derive from these guys.  I like earning badges.

So I’m looking forward to my Thursday night beer, but there’s a new hurdle this week.  You know, that whole running thing.  Tonight I’m planning to complete the last of my first week’s worth of workouts.

One could probably argue that I should perhaps set aside my usual Thursday night new-beer tradition for a while, since the idea here is generally improve my health.  But fie on that, I say! In my opinion, the point of the running business is to get healthier while still living life as if I’m, you know, living my life.

In other words, I wouldn’t be expecting me to hunker down with a case of power bars, a feverish obsession for austerity, and dollop of self-denial any time soon.

Tonight, then, New Brew Thursday will continue as usual, assuming I complete my training workout as expected.  See, now it’s a reward for dedicating some time to self-improvement.  Just like that, a weekly vice has become a end-of-the-week carrot.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, I can pretty much rationalize just about anything.  I’m thinking about offering a webinar on it.

Oh, and in case you’re curious what on tonight’s New Brew menu, I have a few words to say about that over in this week’s post on Hoperatives.  You know you want to know, so go check it out!

In the meantime, I guess I’ll go lace up fancy new jogging shoes.  This beer’s not going to drink itself!


One thought on “Earning a little misbehavior

  1. Good for you!! I still keep a bowl of Caramel Kisses & Dove milk chocolate squares by my chair to have at nite if I feel like it! My trick with most everything now is checking calories! None tonite, had my weekly scoop of Graeter’s peach! (290 a scoop + 150 for the sugar cone = roughly 450 in my head!) 🙂


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