A commercial works my dander up into a foamy, frothy head

As a rule, I try to keep my keel pretty even.  You know, because not only is having a “warped keel” not a particularly fun way to go through life, it always sounds like something they’d have to amputate.  Thus, I don’t generally get irked up about stuff unless you a) suggest I haven’t got the wit God gave the common volcanic rock, d) intentionally take advantage of someone in my presence, 7) disrespect my family (not including me…stuff rolls offa my back like it’s covered in Crisco), or Q) forget to turn off the bathroom lights.

That last one is mostly just my kids. Seriously, it’s like they think we own stock in the electric company!

Anyway, I saw something yesterday that managed to rather uncharacteristically get my irk up.  Specifically, this:

Surprisingly, it’s not that fact that BW3 is intentionally mocking home brewers here that gets me riled up, it’s that the whole thing seems kind of a stupid approach when you’re attempting to get more beer drinkers into your establishment to, um, drink beer.  Why is it stupid?  Because, Oppenheimer, home brewers drink beer, making them a member of the demographic the company is theoretically advertising to.

I have more to say on the matter in this week’s post for Hoperatives.  I might have even used the phrase “pint of chunkiness”.

You know you want to read it now, right?  So go for it!