Weekend Debate (Holiday Edition): The Best Season

Happy Labor Day, US-based friends and neighbors.  I hope those of you with the opportunity to spend the day relaxing and basically not making with the laborations are making the most of it.  You know, perhaps with a hammock and a cool beverage sporting one of those cheap paper umbrellas.

That said, it’s time for Weekend Debate.  While clearly I understand that it’s Monday, you know, technically, I figured that since today’s the last of the three-day weekend for many of us, that’s good enough for me.

Besides, it’s not like the Weekend Debate was chartered with a set of bylaws or anything.

I recommend anyone interested in arguing that issue submit an appeal to the Worldwide Internet Blog Council.  And after that, perhaps file a grievance with Santa Claus.

With that all settled, let’s get back to the point: namely, that it’s Labor Day.  For many people, Labor Day signals the unofficial end of summer and the start of the dread march towards The Holidays.  Sure, summer won’t officially come to a close until later this month, and odds are pretty good that we won’t see any temperate fall-like weather until weeks after that.

Still, the closing of pools and the start of school, both primary and university, is enough to make all the beach-happy sun-worshippers out there cry the dull solitary tears of rodeo clowns.

If you ask me though, it doesn’t come a moment too soon.  Sure, summer is nice when it first rolls in with it’s warm sunshine and vacations.  But eventually it ends up a hot, humid mess that I’m quite happy to show the door.  In fact, I’d be positively giddy to have two or three months of 60-70 degree temps from now until December 1.  But no, we’ll get about a week or ten days of fall-like weather a week before Thanksgiving, and then it’ll turn cold enough to freeze the hate out of a political pundit.

It’ makes me sad, I tell ya.  Because fall is awesome.  It’s clearly the best of the four seasons.

What do you say about that?

What’s the best season of the year?

Look!  A Poll!

Hope everyone has a great holiday and an awesome week after that!


One thought on “Weekend Debate (Holiday Edition): The Best Season

  1. I like them all that’s why I’m here instead of the Caribbean or some such place…..now if they would just pay attention and be crisp, cold, warm, and hot in that order. Somehow that seems unlikely 🙂


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