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A haiku at the corner between seasons

Smelled cut grass last nightTonight snow falls like cold laceAutumn turns away

Photographic Evidence Proving October is the Best Month

I was planning to do the usual rambling about something or other today, but when I went outside to play with The Attitude this evening, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the clouds blanket the falling sun.  Thus, I give you reasons #817, #818, and #819 why October is inarguably the finest month of […]

Five Things About Current Events

It’s Monday. That’s the day that follows the weekend. So, yeah, the weekend is over.  And that makes exactly no people happy. Well, except that one guy, but no one really likes him.  Plus, have you seen the way he watches you when you’re eating Chinese food? It’s like, dude, get your own kung pao. […]

The weekend approaches

So it’s Friday around these parts, which means that by the time you’ve read this, the weekend will either already be in full swing or barely a mere step away from your greedy, outstretched paws. Which, of course, begs the question, what are you planning for your weekend? Me? Well, what I really want to […]

A haiku because it’s autumn

Autumn brings repose Words beneath fluttering leaves Clear, crisp sky above

A haiku because it’s still too damn hot

Back, neck, nethers? Damp.Sultry, pudding-thick, dead air Come, fall, come; this sucks!

More beer-related evidence of a summer gone by

I have to admit that I’m a little taken aback by the remarkably temperate weather currently favoring us here in eastern midwest, or whatever largely inaccurate geographic designation is current in use for the Ohio valley.  Regardless, it’s like, cool, you know?  As if maybe fall this year isn’t only going to be this 10-day […]

Weekend Debate (Holiday Edition): The Best Season

Happy Labor Day, US-based friends and neighbors.  I hope those of you with the opportunity to spend the day relaxing and basically not making with the laborations are making the most of it.  You know, perhaps with a hammock and a cool beverage sporting one of those cheap paper umbrellas. That said, it’s time for […]

A new desk chair

Since it’s Friday and all of us are completely giddy over the prospect of frolicking gaily through a three-day weekend that semi-officially brings summer to a close, I wanted to make sure I had an appropriate topic to ramble on about today.  Maybe recount the summer’s adventures or tell funny stories from our vacation.  You […]