A Tale of Two Potato Chips

It’s apparently a repeating pattern in my life that something that starts innocently is ultimately destined to end up hovering around the patently ridiculous. For instance, tell me after just having a baby that “it’s really cool being a parent”, and somehow I’ll deduce that if that’s true of only one kid imagine the benefit […]

The Puddin Family Post-Christmas Gift

Behold, the newest addition(s) to the Puddin-family collection of electronic devices.  Well, or at least behold as well as you can from the image below, given that it’s shaky-blurry-terrible like it was taken by a toddler in the midst of an F4 tornado: Now, image quality notwithstanding, I know what you’re thinking: Puddin, that’s an […]

Weekend Debate: Department Stores

Earlier this week, I was hanging out with my friends, and somehow or another we ended up discussing the question of what now occupied the Service Merchandise store of our youth. When I realized it’s now an Old Navy and announced it, the entire table was deeply chagrined. Which, of course, prompted this tweet and […]

A movie in 100 Words or less: The Expendables 2

Believe it or not, the Puddinette didn’t go all crazy-times on Black Friday this year and head out at 2 AM to cage-fight other normally reasonable, moderately tempered but momentarily psychotic adults for the newest, hottest “Baby Meth Head”, Fijit, I’ve-Got-The-Uh-Oh-Feeling-Elmo, or whatever the must-have item of the 2012 shopping season happens to be.  That’s […]

A new desk chair

Since it’s Friday and all of us are completely giddy over the prospect of frolicking gaily through a three-day weekend that semi-officially brings summer to a close, I wanted to make sure I had an appropriate topic to ramble on about today.  Maybe recount the summer’s adventures or tell funny stories from our vacation.  You […]

I thought I was on another planet; it turns out I was only at The Mall

Have you been to the mall lately?  And when I say, The Mall, I’m not referring to any one specific structure dedicated to the Gods of Retail. I’m talking about the one that’s close enough to your ‘hood to be simply “The Mall” in your daily vernacular. That’s true for me, too, by the way.  […]