More beer-related evidence of a summer gone by

I have to admit that I’m a little taken aback by the remarkably temperate weather currently favoring us here in eastern midwest, or whatever largely inaccurate geographic designation is current in use for the Ohio valley.  Regardless, it’s like, cool, you know?  As if maybe fall this year isn’t only going to be this 10-day period of moderate temperatures in early November bookended by an “Indian Summer” notable for the heat of a thousand suns and the arrival of pre-winter bringing with it the bleak bone-chilling cold of a Kardashian heart.

Indeed, it’s a reminder that although summer technically has another 10 or so days to hang on, Labor Day has come and gone, all the kids are back in school, and it’s time for my white capri pants to go back into winter storage.

That also makes it a pretty good time to reflect on the events of the summer, which got me thinking about our family vacation to the beach this year.  It was a good trip, and I hope it gives the kids plenty of memories they’ll hold on to for years.

Of course, that’s not all it was.  The trip was also an excuse for me to visit brewpubs in strange and foreign places.  Places like Knoxville, Tennesee, home to the Downtown Grill and Brewery.  If fact, I wouldn’t  hesitate to say that of the three beer-related locations we visited this summer, it was definitely my favorite.

Because I’m am not much with the Captain Subtlety, I hope that by now you’ve all hipped to the realization that this is obviously all just rambles and meanders leading up to the part where I link to a newly published Hoperatives post by yours truly.

Yeah, this is that link.  Go read about Downtown Grill and Brewery, because it’s a place you should want to visit someday.  Also, check out a completely new set of poorly photographed pictures. 

There will be nachos, I promise.


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    1. Hehe, thanks. You know, sometimes I think I should take it easy on them; they’re just people, after all. But then I remember that they’re just people famous and making a ton of money of, um, wait…what was it again? That’s when the brief twinge of guilt fades. 🙂


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