Weekend Debate: Musicals

I have friends that have been giving me a bit of the business over the fact that the last several week’s Weekend Debate posts have come either late on Sunday or on – gasp! – Monday.  Of course, I’d like to refute that claim, but apparently when you post things publicly to the internet, the internet, well, remembers.  In fact, it also remembers exactly when you posted it.

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So, yeah, I’m occasionally (read: leaning towards typically) late with these things.

The thing is though, and I believe I’ve said this many times before, sometimes, Life happens and you just do what you can.

For instance, the Puddinette and I are celebrating our 12th anniversary this weekend.  I…wait?  What’s that?  Is this going to a big, long, sappy tear-jerker about my marriage and all that stuff?  No.  Not this time.  I wrote that one two years ago, and I’ll just stand by it for now.  Maybe next year I’ll tell you the story of the poor boy who spent most of his twenties alone until along the right girl came along and filled his life with the aforementioned Life.

But not today.

That said, how the Puddinette has managed to put with my nonsense this long is nothing short of miraculous, honestly, so I try very hard to make sure we get at least a few hours to ourselves when the anniversary rolls around.  Yesterday, then, she and I went out to eat and then saw a movie.

Yes, I know it sounds lame.  But trust me, when you’ve got four kids, you’ll be thrilled giddy to simply have a meal where no one needs something cut up or an verbal sparring match over who’s stupier needs to be refereed.  And two hours in a dark theater during which no one want to speak to you?  Pure, unadulterated magic.

So, what did we see?  Looper, perhaps, or Taken 2?  Ah, you Puddintopia readers know my tastes well.

But, um, no.  We saw Pitch Perfect.

So, why did I see the comedy with the singing it in?  After all, musicals are so not my thing.  Meaning, in general, I think I’d rather have a root canal via baseball bat sans anesthesia than watch a musical.  But!  That said, perhaps you read the part above about thinking it miraculous that the Puddinette puts up with me?  Yeah, so when she tells me she wants to see a movie, I’ll tend to do what I have to do make it happen.  Assuming, of course, that I believe I can survive the ordeal.

She’s on her own if she wants to see any opera.

In the end, it was a pretty entertaining movie.  And I wouldn’t really consider it a “musical”.  But this isn’t a “Movie in 100 words or less” post.  So I’ll save all 100 words of my official position on it for another time.

During the previews…and yes, I heart me some previews…we caught the trailer for the upcoming version of Les Miserables with Anne Hathaway, another musical.  Which got me to thinking: has the success of Glee, etc, led Hollywood to dip their collective toes in the stinky, fetid oft-ignored waters of the much-hated* musical?

So I guess my opinion about this week’s Weekend Debate is pretty evident.  But I’m just the resident village idiot around here.  It’s your opinion that I really want.  So here’s your shot.

Musicals: Quality Entertainment or Fingernails on a Chalkboard?

Leave a comment, and don’t forget to answer this here poll:

Oh, also: Happy Anniversary, Querida!  Con cada ano, te amo mas que tengo las palabras!


*Perhaps the language there was a tad strong.  Regardless, I tend to hate them.  That’s enough for me.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Debate: Musicals

  1. I can’t sing a lick so that’s why some musicals are tolerable for me as long as they are about the “rock era, include large doses of humor, or have enough action to keep me awake:)


    1. This is true. Although I tend to think it would have worked just as well w/o the singing. That said, perhaps I should make a blanket caveat that animated musicals don’t bother me nearly as much for some reason. Call it “The Disney Effect”.


  2. I love musicals, but you know this because of The Brodway Series! Le Mis was kind of an opera in English; because I have finally seen it on stage I am looking forward to the movie version!!!


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