A movie in 100 words: Pitch Perfect

I meant to produce longer, more rambly post tonight, since I think I’m probably due for one.  But, alas, my Reds lost Game 3 of the NLDS in extra innings, meaning they have to play again tomorrow to try to get to the National League Championship Series.  So I’m feeling a little like my face-licking, floppy-eared puppy had to go to the vet overnight and won’t see him again until tomorrow at the earliest.  In other words, I’m a tad disappointed at the moment, which is probably not the best mood to be in for rustlin’ up several hundred words of the type of cleverness you’ve come to expect from a Puddintopia post.

Also, my spelling apparently sucks night.  I’m backspacin’ up in here like a “family values” politician caught with a wick in someone else’s ink.

Wait, I guess that’s backpedaling.  Anyway…

Since I suggested on Sunday that I might eventually get around to doing a “100 words” post about Pitch Perfect, I realized that there’s really just no time like the present.  Especially since my opinion on the matter might influence whether or not you go to see it.

So, then, if you ask me…

Pitch Perfect

I was not expecting to like this movie. I didn’t figure I’d hate it – it’s got Anna Kendrick and Elizabeth Banks, for frak’s sake, and I heart them both* – but a musical about a largely dysfunctional all-girls’ acapella group is so far from my comfort zone, actually liking it was a long shot. But it delivers. It’s laugh-out-loud funny in places, the musical parts are well done (even for me), and I actually cared about the characters (at least the non-caricature ones). What I figured for a silly wife-appeasing date movie is totally a solid flick I’d watch again.

That I’m out of the 100-word review portion of the post, there are two additional things I feel compelled to add in reference to Pitch Perfect, which you won’t really get until you’ve seen it.  Those are:

  1. I was completely irked at myself for not expecting the song used in the final Bellas mix.
  2. Someone who’s in-the-know needs to read this and tell me how that one amazingly complicated sequence from the auditions scene was done.  Was it spliced together or done in one take?  Because if it was a single take, Holy, Color-Me-Impressed, Batman!

So, to sum up: see the movie, you have my blessing.

Also, and more importantly, go Reds!  Let’s get this done!


*In a totally non-creepy way, I swear!

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  1. Now I want to see it, and the Reds better get it done tomorrow, or we will be somehow hearing from your grandfather, I’m SURE!


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