Happy Birthday to The Attitude

Today is a very special day. Four years ago exactly, The Attitude joined our family.

As befits his nickname, his arrival was not without incident. And here we are, four years later, with a marvelous, hilarious, occasionally quite obstinate young fellow whom I wouldn’t trade for all the graduates of the Mrs. Manners School of Etiquette.

For his birthday he wanted more choo-choos and picked out a book about spiders. He opened his new train set this morning, and then could hardly be convinced to eat breakfast as, quite obviously, setting up the track was a matter of urgent national security.

And as you can see, he got the unbelievably creepy fascinating spider book he had his heart set on. Its a good day to be The Attitude.

But it’s a better day to be The Attitude’s dad.

Happy Birthday, little dude. May your year be full of smiles, trains, and grilled cheese sandwiches!

Your dad,