Weekend Debate: Rudolph Car Decorations


This is by no means a new topic of complaint around here, but if you look at the picture to left, which I grabbed barely a moment ago from my desktop, you’ll see that the high temperature today is supposed to reach 54 degrees. 

That’s Fahrenheit to you and me, Russ.

Oh, also, the sun is apparently going to be become a colorless void in the sky at some point today.  So, maybe watch out for an apocalyptic, soul-crushing solar event?

There might be some showers, as well.

Then again, things seem to return to normal tomorrow and the following days, so I guess we should maybe assume that my weather widget has some kind of software bug rather than it’s prognosticating the End of Days.

Which is good.  I’ve got a lot to do today.  Armageddon would be hella inconvenient.

Let’s get back to the temperature thing, since that’s what I originally intended to make a fuss over rather than the potential for a personal appearance this afternoon from the Four Horsemen.  As I’ve said before, this high temperature nonsense is really putting a drag on my ramp-up to the holidays.

Look, the sad fact is that the magic of the holiday season tends to start wearing off a little bit as you reach adulthood.  By the time most people get to college, it’s little more than an excuse to have time off.  Then you’re thrust into the (capital R) Real (capital W) World, have to get a job, and generally don’t even get that any more.  Now it’s a race to see how much stuff you can juggle while still pretending that you’re enjoying all the stressful hoopla.

I’ll admit I’m pretty lucky.  Somehow, I’ve managed to get past most of that.  I don’t get over stressed at holiday time, and Christmas and the whole season still makes the little kid in me (and let’s be honest, most of the “inner me” is about 10 years-old, with a dash of 13 that likes to make “that’s what she said” jokes) happy like, well, a little kid.

But the holidays should be cold, dammit.  And maybe snowy.  Not 54-fraking-Fahrenheit-degrees with a chance of showers (and Apocalpyse).

Global climate change is ruing my pre-Christmas cheer.

Luckily, we still have Christmas cookies.  Little buttery snowmen certainly take the sting out of things a little.  And, they’re a much easier solution than moving to New England.

That’s not all we have to keep us in the Holiday Spirit, either.  We also have these:

Image courtesy of Absolutely New, where you can get the Reindeer Auto Outfits

Someone in my neighborhood has the Rudolph outfit for her SUV, which mean I’m fortunate enough to see it at least twice a week.  At first, I wrinkled my nose up and scoffed in the usual “I’m-too-cool-for-that-nonsense” sarcastic amusement. 

But then I began to wonder if maybe I was just being a big, judgmental jerk face.  I mean, it’s kind of fun, right?  Whimsical, even?  Hell, never let it be said that I didn’t appreciate a good dollop of whimsy in my morning coffee.  You know, since bourbon is frowned upon.

So what do think?  Personally, I’m pretty much straddling the fence on this one.  I think this calls for a Weekend Debate!

Reindeer Auto Outfit: Good, Clean Holiday Fun, or Stupid Dumbness that needs to go away, along with this 50-degree December weather?

I expect the comments to be entertaining.

And don’t forget to check your stockings for this week’s poll:


One thought on “Weekend Debate: Rudolph Car Decorations

  1. I’m not sure my vote counts. I’m the same guy who has decorated honest to God Charlie Brown Christmas trees in my yard. LOL, the neighbors are still in shock ( at least those who have a clue what it is) I say go for it whether it’s blown up Santa Claus figures that blow away, or lights so complicated that the Christmas Vacation cast would be impressed.


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