Bookending the holiday weekend (with pictures!)

So, how’d my Independence Day weekend go? I certainly have no right to complain.  I mean, sure, it rained cats and dogs for the greater majority of it, but somehow I still managed to eat my weight in grilled foods and see enough snap, crackle, and colorful booming exploding things to last, well, another year.


Look! See? It all started with an Independence Day Parade that I managed to survive, even if we did ended up a little soggier than might be thought optimal.


And, even better, it ended yesterday with a blue sky and an enjoyable evening of the Great American Pastime with the local minor league team, the Florence Freedom.  Admittedly, they might not have won (well, actually they got shellac’d, 9-1), but we all had a good time anyway.  Plus, we even came home with a few commemorative bobble-heads.

I ask you, who doesn’t love a commemorative bobble-head?  The Communists terrorists, that’s who.

Anyway, between the parade Thursday morning and the baseball game Sunday evening, we enjoyed plenty of bratwurst, beer, potato salad, smoke bombs, sparklers, and even The Attitude’s first trip to see a movie in the theater.

So, okay, maybe a trip to the pool wasn’t in the cards considered the unceasing deluge of water from above, but all-in-all it was a pretty nice four days of hanging with the family.

And I even mostly kept my promise not to complain.

So how was your holiday?  Hip and happening, or pleased it’s in the past? 

Let’s take a little edge off the Monday and bask together in what I hope was a good time for all.