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Star-Spangled Socks

Indeed, today there was outdoor eating, explosives things launched skyward, and a nigh-obligatory pair of red, white, and blue socks patterned after Old Glory. And, somehow, we managed all of that without anyone starting a second Civil War. Happy Independence Day, America! I hope nobody set the place on fire.

American Mutt, First In A Series

On the eve of the all-American holiday, I give you the all-American dog begging for attention between a pair of all-American socks. I’ll warn you now, this could be a pattern over the next few days. Also, yes, of course he got said attention. 😄

Nothing Remained But A Heap of Ashy, Sulfurous Paper Bits And The Aftertaste of Sausage

Welcome back to the real world. The Matrix has belched us all out again, and thus the Song of the EveryDay—a hymn of low, mournful tones—fills the air as those of us in the USA look past our weekend of summertime revelry. Time to set aside those incendiary devices for another year and we can […]

Bookending the holiday weekend (with pictures!)

So, how’d my Independence Day weekend go? I certainly have no right to complain.  I mean, sure, it rained cats and dogs for the greater majority of it, but somehow I still managed to eat my weight in grilled foods and see enough snap, crackle, and colorful booming exploding things to last, well, another year.

An Independence Day primer

Before you get your suspenders all twisted up in an uncomfortable, constricting knot (and that goes for both the over-the-shoulder variety as well as the around-the-calves-to-hold-up-my-Mad-Men-esque-black-socks), there will be no history lessons associated with this post. Which is not to say it won’t become some kind of lesson for the children of tomorrow, a cautionary […]

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day to all my US brothers and sisters out there.  Oh, and, um, Happy Wednesday, I guess, if you happen to be international. On the off chance you’re all gung-ho about blowing stuff up but not so keen on US History, Scalzi managed to dig out the YouTube Schoolhouse Rock video that explains […]