Taste great, less filler (with Bonus! Chips!)

If you’ll recall—and by recall I mean “click this link”—way back in February, when the world was dark and gray and the icy breath of Old Man Winter made us all want to crawl inside the nearest disemboweled Tauntaun corpse just for a pittance of warmth*, I played along with Lay’s potato chips game. They put out three flavors and we, being the good sheep-like consumers we are, were expected to go out and pay actual US currency for them so we could then vote on which obnoxious flavor we liked the most.

The options consisted of Sriracha, Chicken & Waffles (MAPLE!!!), and Cheesy Garlic Bread.

In the end, I was not terrible impressed with any of them. The Chicken & Waffles and Sriracha combined, did make for a passable snack, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat them. You know, unless the world was over and my options for food were limited to “new flavor” chips versus  trapping, skinning, and roasting the mutant nuclear waste possums roaming the countryside in ravenous, three-eyed, multi-fanged packs.


Aaaaaaannyway. So, I thought maybe I should take a moment to show what I think does make a tasty “alternate” chip flavor.  As you can tell from the bag above, I’m a fan of the dill pickle chips.  That is, dill pickle flavored potato chips, not dill pickles sliced into chips. I mean, I am a fan of dill pickles sliced into chips too, because, mmmmm. Especially on sandwiches, burgers, ice cream (shout out to you pregnant ladies), what-have-you.

But in this case, potato chips flavored like dill pickles.  They taste yummy. They got that distinct dill flavor with a nice vinegar punch. In fact, the only thing I have to complain about with these chips is that they aren’t “kettle-cooked” style.  Because, as we all agree, kettle-cooked is better.

So! There you go. A weird chip flavor I like better than anything Lay’s came up with last winter. Now you know.

What about you? You got a strange and unusual preference when it comes to snack foods? Do tell. That’s why they make these blogs with comments and stuff.

In the meantime, I’ve got a novel to finish. I’ve promised myself some chips when I’m done.


*Apparently not the best of ideas