So long, Daylight Savings Time

pre_fallbackIt seems like half the world gets their knickers all twisted up like licorice ropes every time we have to change the clocks. Spring forward or Fall back, it doesn’t make any difference. It’s all terribly wrong and it needs to stop, immediately if not sooner. Preferably before the Cubs win the World Series again.

In fact, there’s even an online petition to stop it. You know it’s Serious Bidness™ if there’s an online petition!

Heck, I’m thinking maybe I should base my 2016 campaign for U.S. President on Daylight Savings Time alone. Nothing gets someone elected faster than a hot-button topic, right? I’ll just do some “research” (aka, phone surveys) first before I let you know which side of the issue I feel you think I should feel most strongly about.

In the meantime, here’s the one and only thing I really know about Daylight Savings Time.

On Saturday night at 6:15 PM, it looked like the picture above when I was outside with my kids.  The sun is hiding behind the tree.

On Sunday night at 6:15 PM (when I was not outside playing with the kids anymore because, well, dark), the sky looked like this.


As far as I can tell, that’s the whole of the difference between standard time and Daylight Savings Time.

Sure, the whole time change thing used to mean a whole lot more to me back when I was a obnoxious twenty-something kid and could really use that extra hour for sleep and hangover recovery.  But since the kids stubbornly wake up nowadays at the same time regardless of what time you set their clocks to, falling back mostly just meant falling asleep Sunday afternoon.

So, here’s to getting our totally arbitrary time-keeping system back to its “natural” offset.

I look forward to everyone freaking out about the whole thing again come spring.

At which time I will also, invariably, be forced to take a midday nap.