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Unfortunate Friday Decisions

I really should have known better, especially considering I’ve got a lot to do today and a weekend barreling towards me like a kid with a $5 bill trying to chase down the ice cream truck. But I never have been very smart, so I went and did it anyway. I followed my coworkers to […]

So long, Daylight Savings Time

It seems like half the world gets their knickers all twisted up like licorice ropes every time we have to change the clocks. Spring forward or Fall back, it doesn’t make any difference. It’s all terribly wrong and it needs to stop, immediately if not sooner. Preferably before the Cubs win the World Series again. […]

The weekend approaches

So it’s Friday around these parts, which means that by the time you’ve read this, the weekend will either already be in full swing or barely a mere step away from your greedy, outstretched paws. Which, of course, begs the question, what are you planning for your weekend? Me? Well, what I really want to […]