Friday Fiction: Looking back at “An Unexpected Guest”

I guess I promised I’d do this from time to time, and since I have nothing else of any real value to say today (as opposed to all those other days when I write ramblings of things obviously Laden With Portent), I figured why not actually follow through for once.  So, let’s chat briefly about An Unexpected Guest.

I wrote this short for a Friday Flash Fiction Challenge for Chuck Wendig’s blog, Terribleminds (warning: Chuck is a wee tad unorthodox; also, his blog is decidedly NSFPA*), lo, the many years ago. That is, back in the far-ago time of 2011. Believe it or not that was, like, two whole years ago. It’s back before I finished Famine and long before I realized that macarons are not even close to the same thing as macaroons.

What do cookies have to do with this, you ask?

Um, nothing really, to tell the truth.  If you read the whole short story, though, you’ll find there is a rather key reference to a Twinkie.

Okay, fine, you’re right. Those things are hardly related at all. Be that way. Nobody likes a Rules Lawyer.

Anyway, so An Unexpected Guest is about food, big days, and complications. It was a an idea that came to me quickly and took almost no time to get out. I’ll warn you, though, it’s got a little bit of an “Ewwww” factor, so if you get grossed out easily, you probably shouldn’t read it on a full stomach. Or after a Twinkie. Or on Prom Night.

Here’s a snippet:

“Dammit,” the voice spoke again, “quit admiring yourself and Get Me Some FOOD.”

“Aw, hell.  I’m losing it.”fffddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

“Nah, kid, you’re not wacko.  I’m real.  Well, not a real voice, but I’m solid enough.  Get some eats and I’ll explain.”

Between admitting you’d cracked on the day you finally had a date with the girl you’d loved since the fifth grade or having breakfast and hoping your crazy went away, the decision was easy.

A few minutes later, Josh stood before an open refrigerator munching another piece of cold pizza while he contemplated what else would make for a good breakfast.  So far, no more voice.  Maybe he was just having aural hallucinations from hunger.  Screwy blood sugar levels could mess you up, right?

Anyway, that’s my bit for the day. Happy Friday the 13th. Hope you enjoy the short and have a great weekend!

And try not to set the place on fire.


*Not Safe For Probably Anyone

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