Mundane lunch haiku


I got slammed with work today before I even walked in the door to my office. Several hours later, lunch time came and went without allow me so much as a passing moment to look up and catch my breath.  I certainly didn’t have time to make a run to the grocery for those healthy lunch options I was hoping to acquire.

Instead, some time after 2:30 PM, I put together just enough time to consider a visit to the Wheel of Death.  You know, that food vending machine with the rotating compartments in the break room? Yes, I mean the one that’s stocked with “sandwiches” containing enough preservative modern chemistry that they’re dated good until just about the same point in the future when the USS Enterprise will be leaving space dock in 2245. Because, nothing says delicious like a rubber turkey sandwich with plastic cheese that probably painted and varnished to maintain it’s saliva-drying shelf appeal for decades.

Yeah, I should probably be glad I didn’t have enough cash on me for even that.

To commemorate my substandard afternoon lunch, today, then, I give you the following Mundane Lunch Haiku, with my compliments.

Sixty cents for chips
I weep hot tears. My change cup
is naught but pennies

Good thing I (over) ate all that wonderful Super Bowl tastiness yesterday to keep me alive today.

And on that note, I’m going to go eat All The Food I Can Find And Shove Into My Piehole.