A Haiku For National Haiku Day

Hey, look, once again, it’s National Haiku Day. And well, obviously, I can’t let that slip past without a haiku.  So, here, hope you enjoy!

Haiku Day today!
Sorry, Man from Nantucket
Guess you’ll have to wait

You know what? Why not have two? It is, after all, a Special Occasion!

Last Haiku Day post
Seems way better than this one
Go read it again?

Yeah, not exactly magic, are they? You got something better? I’d love to read what kind of 5-7-5 magic you have stashed up your sleeves. If you’re up to the challenge of out haiku-ing me, drop your 3-line masterpiece in the comments or shoot it my way via one of the usual suspects (twitter, Facebook, Google+, or email). 

Oh, and hey, if haiku isn’t your thing, apparently it’s National High-Five Day and also National Cheeseball Day? So maybe give your significant other Five Up High, or, uh, roll yourself up a spheroid of Philly cream cheese and pecans and get out the Ritz.

And unlike the usual occasions where a cheeseball might be involved, the guests today are totally optional.