A Haiku Because We Made Cookie Abominations Last Night To Combat Stormy Weather


Chocolate chip dough
Oreo, brownie on top
Frankencookie* lives!

Yes, that monstrosity pictured above was just as fabulous as it sounds, and sweet and dense enough to cover you for desserts for the next six months. At least. In fact, I may not need to dessert again until my kids go to college. There’s also a pretty good chance I’ll never make these terrible, wonderful things again (except for bake sales, maybe, because WHOO-BOY! THE SALES!) as they kind of stretch passed the line of moderate indulgence and skate up pretty close to the realm of “pureed cheesecake smoothies”.

At any rate, there were a fun special treat to make on a Tuesday night when all the kids’ activities were cancelled for storms, this being Spring and all.  They come with my full recommendation. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to make a one into a sundae and then find a treadmill I can list as a permanent residence.


*This is so not a Puddin original. Props to Cincinnati Nomerati for both the idea and the name. Also, hers looked better than mine, but I’m okay with it.  Her food usually does. And yes, that post I linked to is from 2011. Yes, I’ve been contemplating these things for three years, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

2 thoughts on “A Haiku Because We Made Cookie Abominations Last Night To Combat Stormy Weather

  1. You need to explain to me how you did this concoction, tho’ I should probably NOT eat it! 🙂


  2. There was one on FB last nite w/ peanut butter between the Oreos and then brownie mix, don’t think choc chip dough was part of the mix. I chose NOT to write it down, tho you don’t really need a recipe, I guess just a baking time. I have enuf trouble NOT making brownies w/ peanut butter cups in them! 🙂


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