Easter Greetings

You knew I’d be rocking Easter socks today, right? It actually took the Puddinette and I several consultations and exchanged Amazon links to find a bright, colorful pair with a pattern resembling eggs that didn’t break the bank.

For real, you’d never believe how much you gotta shell out for something with bunnies or even crosses in mid-March. Seems like price gouging to me. I bet in August Crucifix socks will be going for a song.

Whining aside, I’m pretty pleased with what we ended up with, and I’m proud to report they didn’t require a second mortgage. Above they’re seen with one of the kids’ Easter baskets. I wanted to get a shot of them at Church this morning — maybe with the altar in the background or something — but I was pretty sure no one would have appreciated it if I’d dropped a shoe and put my feet up on the pew in front of me mid-Gospel reading. Especially not when the Pastor of our parish asked about my Easter socks before Mass today. Nobody wants to have to hit Confession over their socks.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Or if you’re not the Easter-y type, then a wonderful Sunday (and April Fool’s)!