And This One Belongs To The Reds

Was it actually Opening Day today? No, but it was the first Monday in April, and for the 45 years that I’ve hurtled around the sun, that’s when the Cincinnati Reds have started their baseball season. This pair of socks are to honor that history and tradition, even if baseball around here did theoretically start 3 days ago.

I’m having a hard time not feeling overly smug about it too, honestly, considering that the Reds dropped three in a row over the weekend yet posted their first W today by holding the high-octane Cubbies lineup to one hit today. Are the socks lucky? I don’t know. Truth be told, though, as a baseball fan and someone always mindful of sports-related superstition, it’s difficult not to wonder. Unfortunately, if they are lucky, that doesn’t bode well for the new season. It does give some hope to the 2019 campaign, though, because it’ll be next January before I slide these puppies on again.