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Sleepy Sunday and Socks

We’ve had plenty of pictures of Smoky with my socks, but somehow none with Maddie, our aging lady. She doesn’t get around so well anymore, and a recent stroke left her with a permanent head-cock that makes it look she’s questioning everything, but her skill at napping has always…and continues to…make me green with envy.

Here I tried to distract her from her mid-afternoon nap by wowing her with today’s socks, which I selected because they kind of struck me as an inversion of yesterday’s colorful polka dots. Did she care? Not a whit, but that’s okay. She’s got more important things to do with her day anyway. 😴

One comment on “Sleepy Sunday and Socks

  1. I like both pairs of polka dot socks and I’m glad you had a pic of Maddie to share…


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