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Heavy Hearts And (Nearly) Forgotten Footwear

I wore a pair of socks today. There’s a picture of them below. Right now I’m not having much luck remembering why I picked them out of the drawer this morning. Truth is, yesterday’s post was a bit disingenuous on my part.  I knew there was a good chance Maddie would be leaving us today and […]

Sleepy Sunday and Socks

We’ve had plenty of pictures of Smoky with my socks, but somehow none with Maddie, our aging lady. She doesn’t get around so well anymore, and a recent stroke left her with a permanent head-cock that makes it look she’s questioning everything, but her skill at napping has always…and continues to…make me green with envy. […]

The weekend approaches

So it’s Friday around these parts, which means that by the time you’ve read this, the weekend will either already be in full swing or barely a mere step away from your greedy, outstretched paws. Which, of course, begs the question, what are you planning for your weekend? Me? Well, what I really want to […]

The ultimate internet filler: a haiku and a doggy picture

I’ve had too much on my mind all day today to produce a post that isn’t total, incessant, rambling drivel, although how that would differ from a typical post isn’t, um, completely clear.  You know what?  Quit asking so many questions.  What is this, the Spanish Inquision?  I don’t have to answer to you. I […]