The ultimate internet filler: a haiku and a doggy picture

I’ve had too much on my mind all day today to produce a post that isn’t total, incessant, rambling drivel, although how that would differ from a typical post isn’t, um, completely clear.  You know what?  Quit asking so many questions.  What is this, the Spanish Inquision?  I don’t have to answer to you. I want my phone call.

Anyway, I spent all day at work trying to track down a memory leak (no, I’m not going senile; it’s something you get in software programs) large enough to float that nightmare Carnival cruise ship through. On top of that, I’m mulling a decision that’s been nipping at the back of my mind like a bored puppy for the better part of six months now.

In other words, I’ve used up all my brain today.   If I tried to write a real post, it’d look something like:

Yarn, biscuit finger!  PLllthalth.  Been tango inta WOOP!  Poop tangles seen a toad dolphin speak howzit?  Ughhhhhh.  *sigh*  Pbbthlhtlhbbppbpbphtht.  Eyewear, you know?

Thus, I give you instead the ultimate in filler blog posting: a haiku about filler blog posts (with a Bonus! Cute! Animal! Pic!)

A post should go here
But today was thinks, not words
Instead, here’s my dog.


Hope you had a great day!  Tomorrow the words will make sense.

Well, or at least more sense.


One thought on “The ultimate internet filler: a haiku and a doggy picture

  1. Lmao! Thanks for the early morning laugh. I can allllmost decipher the babble in the middle. I have a toddler, ya know?


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