Mayhem, Memorials, and Monday

I wasn’t exactly certain what was appropriate for Memorial Day, seeing as it has grown to mean many things to many different people since the first Federal observance in 1868 (following shortly after the Civil War). But I figured it’s hard to go wrong with the Red, White, and Blue, so I leaned into that a but with these, in addition to a Captain America shirt.

Truth be told, I only put the Cap t-shirt on after dribbling lunch down the front of the less casual button-down shirt I put on this morning. So, was I a little extraordinary extra afterward? Yes, yes I was. But only because I’m a basic slob. And I’m pretty sure that’s not at all what today is supposed to be all about.

I hope everyone reading this in the US had a meaningful Memorial Day, regardless of condition, situation, or intent. And if you’re reading this from somewhere other than the US, I hope you found a way to inject some little meaning into your Monday anyway, because, hell, any chance to make Monday worthwhile is an opportunity to smile.