Third Time Is The Charm

It takes either a special kind of bravado or a special kind of dumb to claim you’re going to wear a different pair of socks every day for a year and then lean so intensely into one subject that not only do you wear it three times that year, you showcase it three times in a month. But that’s exactly what I’ve done. May has undeniably been the month of Deadpool. Well, at least on my feet.

Don’t remember all the times? Let me offer you a refresher. Lo, way back when, at the beginning of the month, aka the 5th, I wore a this pair because my nephew had a super-hero themed birthday party. Also, that pair had tacos, because while I had enough self-respect not to go wading hip-deep into the neon-green Margarita vat, it was Cinco de Mayo, and as I said, I’m sure the “Merc with A Mouth” would want to honor victory at the Battle of Puebla.

Then, barely a week ago, I wore these because it had just been opening weekend for Deadpool 2, and I had been hoping maybe I’d have a chance to find a theater. Sadly, that didn’t work out so good.

Luckily though, I apparently have as many unique pairs of Deadpool socks as the poor bastard has lives, ’cause when I at last did get to settle in tonight with an egregiously oversized and overpriced tub of popcorn for Deadpool 2, I was able to do so with the proper threads on my feet.

I know Ryan Reynolds would be proud.

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