Socks for Social Distancing, Day 15

On a positive note, it was almost 80 degrees where I live today, meaning that it was the first day of shorts for the year. That also means it was the first day requiring short socks, because wearing crew length socks with cargo shorts is just not a look my 14 year-old daughter would abide.

So I slipped on my Captain America pair this morning, with good reason. Because, dammit, if Captain America can survive 50 years in ice, we can probably live through a few uncertain weeks being “Healthy at Home”.

Have a great weekend kids. And, uh, try not to set the place on fire.


One thought on “Socks for Social Distancing, Day 15

  1. Love the sock design although I can’t abide the whole short sock thing….the shorter they are, the less I can abide them. It’s an evil plan by sock companies to charge more for less Lol


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