Socks for Social Distancing, Day 16

As a social distancing gift to everyone in the family trying very hard to convince ourselves we all love–or at least don’t mind–the present situation, the Puddinette ordered us hammock this week, which arrived yesterday. I was initially dubious, but relented when I realized that with the onset of nicer weather, having a place for afternoon naps in the out of doors could be a win for everybody. And by everybody, I mean especially me.

I didn’t get to take a nap in said hammock yet, but I did get to relax in it for a few minutes this afternoon, and it’s just as comfy as the wife told me it would be. It’s also great for pictures of foot coverings, so I doubt today’s hamburger socks will be the last pair you see from this angle.

Go have a great week, whatever it takes. Find yourself a hammock of your own or something else to make your time in semi- (or full-blown) isolation a little bit brighter!


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2 thoughts on “Socks for Social Distancing, Day 16

  1. Great socks, love myself a burger or two or ten 🙂 Great talking with you yesterday about Famine and happy there’s a hammock…stress relief always helps.


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