Socks for Social Distancing, Day 22

If you look closely at today’s black and purple stripped ankle socks, you’ll probably see a few blades of grass disrespectfully photo-bombing the picture. I was back in hammock this afternoon, literally kicking my feet up after a busy day. I’d just finished mowing the lawn with the help of Second Son, and couldn’t be bothered to put something more civilized on my feet.

We were actually quite productive for a Saturday in early Spring, managing to weed and mulch the backyard before the aforementioned grass cutting. And if the people waiting in line* before me to get into the Home Depot were any indication, we weren’t the only ones checking projects off the ole To Do List today. Which I guess might be considered a small bright side to all the social distancing. If you’re going to be Healthy at Home, might as well get some shit done while you’re there.

Thinking about ripping the tile up out of the kitchen and entryway next weekend. Anybody got a power chisel I can borrow?

What kind of projects have you been focusing on since we all gotta told to stay home? Let us know in the comments and have a good weekend!

Oh, and, uh, don’t set the place on fire.


*HD has limited the total number of shoppers in the store to 100 at a time, so it’s one-in, one-out all day long.

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