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Tuesday Evening Baseball

The Oldest Son is theoretically going to play a baseball game in half an hour or so. Beneath this sky, I’m pretty dubious that it’s going to actually happen. The odds, however, of me making a mad dash for the car among a pack of other scurrying, middle-aged parents sometime in the ensuing hour is […]

The Great American Pastime

“Just put the bat on the ball. Watch it all the way to the bat.” It was the last regular season game of the Puddinpop’s ten-week season. A season spent huddled with other parents in collapsible chairs around a dusty, sun-baked diamond, a soggy, rain-soaked diamond, a diamond filled with promise and disappointment. “Right. I […]

Revisiting resolutions, my three favorite posts, and an ominous warning

After writing a brief look ahead at 2013, I realized that the ridiculously rambly spiel about my Exciting! New! Plan! for glassware in 2013 would make an excellent post for Hoperatives.  You know, because that blog over there is about the beer, like, 24×7.  Of course, as with any post I’ve written, you can rest […]

Everything you need to know about life can be learned from little league

Image via Wikipedia Just a scrimmage, the coach’s email said.  Saturday morning at 11 o’clock. How bad could it be?  A small spot of time in the sun on a crisp, spring morning watching the Puddinpop play a lil’ of the ole national pastime would be a pleasant way to start my Easter weekend, right?  […]