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A new desk chair

Since it’s Friday and all of us are completely giddy over the prospect of frolicking gaily through a three-day weekend that semi-officially brings summer to a close, I wanted to make sure I had an appropriate topic to ramble on about today.  Maybe recount the summer’s adventures or tell funny stories from our vacation.  You […]

A commercial works my dander up into a foamy, frothy head

As a rule, I try to keep my keel pretty even.  You know, because not only is having a “warped keel” not a particularly fun way to go through life, it always sounds like something they’d have to amputate.  Thus, I don’t generally get irked up about stuff unless you a) suggest I haven’t got […]

A haiku for the evening run/walk

  Scowling, grumbling, grrr Laced on my shoes, hit asphalt Endorphins so rule

I thought I was on another planet; it turns out I was only at The Mall

Have you been to the mall lately?  And when I say, The Mall, I’m not referring to any one specific structure dedicated to the Gods of Retail. I’m talking about the one that’s close enough to your ‘hood to be simply “The Mall” in your daily vernacular. That’s true for me, too, by the way.  […]

Weekend Debate: Soft Drinks and Hard Liquor

I thought for a brief time that I’d make this weekend’s debate an age-old classic: Coke vs. Pepsi.  Granted, I don’t think the brands themselves these days have half the visible – and often acrimonious – competition going as they did back in my youth.  Back then you couldn’t walk into the Quikee Mart without […]

Earning a little misbehavior

It’s Thursday here on Earth, or at least in the American part of it.  I suppose it’s probably Friday already is some other places, but we don’t like those places with their snooty, Ooooo, I get my Friday’s before you attitude, so let’s just assume it’s Thursday everywhere for now. Being Thursday, I’m conditioned to […]

The irrefutable wisdom of a three year-old

Do you ever accidentally forget how you’re truly supposed to be living? This is how you do it: In case it’s not clear, that’s The Attitude, running through the yard, surrounded by bubbles.  And if you’re not imagining that being you right now, or at least wishing for a brief opportunity be so carefree, well, […]

Breaking the rules while NOT talking about running or candy

It came as something as a hefty surprise when I checked my blog stats today, that I wasn’t met with the Great Zero-Visit Flatline of No One’s Looking.  I say that not because I truly expected not have any visitors, but in going over the past couple of week’s worth of posts, it seems I’ve […]

Weekend Debate: Physical Fitness

For this weekend’s debate, I figured I might as well continue the “running” theme that’s been so prevalent around here since Friday. After all, I’ve never been known to stop beating a horse until it’s stiff as Jacob Marley*. I went out for my first workout tonight, which I would call a run, but that […]

Exhibit A: Evidence that I’m not frakkin’ around here

How can you tell that shizznit is about to get real?  Well, I’d say that this picture is a pretty darned good example of exactly how serious I am: If you aren’t sure what you’re looking at, those are my new running shoes, which I might add were not inexpensive.  I mean, they aren’t inlaid […]