School supply season and the Great Cycle of Beer

We got the kids’ classroom/teacher assignments for school last weekend, and the house is temporarily stocked with shiny, new-smelling school supplies that everyone seems to be mooning over.  Speaking of which, seriously, what is it that makes everyone get all gooey over new office/school supplies? It’s like the moment someone sees an unopened, shrink-wrapped pack of loose-leaf paper, they lose all perspective in life and are immediately transported back to that Christmas morning when they were 7 years olds.

People, repeat after me: they’re only ball-point pens.  Hell, they’re disposable ones at that.  So, dang, cool it at the Staples, already. I’m tired of walking in there and feeling instantly dirty because everyone in the store has this kind of glassed-eyed, excited, having-a-private-moment look on their face.  It’s like I’ve accidentally wandered into a secret…um…”personal goods” shop, interrupted something, and they really really want me to leave.

Ahem.  Where was I?

Oh, yes. Anyway, it’s nearly back-to-school around la casa de Puddin.  And while that could lead one to erroneous belief that fall is almost here, the weather outside is still going to be hot enough to make a lizard sweat and balmy like the sauna creepy Uncle Stan had put when he retired.  You know, for  when he’s “entertaining” his “lady friends”.  *shudder*

The point is that it’s a confusing time of year.  Many things point to a fast-approaching fall, but in reality, summer will be with us for quite some time.  It’s not just school, either.  Check out your favorite stores.  Let me know if you happen to find anything even vaguely summer-related.  Because I’m betting it’s about time to roll out the turtlenecks and Christmas decorations. 

It’s the same way with beer, you know.  While there’s still plenty of lawnmower weather left, it’s time to wave goodbye to the lawnmower beers and welcome the warm, spiced pumpkin ales onto the shelves of our favorite beer stores.  Does it make sense?  Well, no, particularly.  But it’s the way things are, and the way they have been for some number of years.  Getting over this nonsense and just rolling with it, in fact, is the topic of today’s post on Hoperatives.  So give it a read, maybe.  Oh, and if you like craft beer, and haven’t signed up to be a Hoperative yet…why not?

Meanwhile, I have to go buy printer ink at the office store. I’m hoping no one attacks me.