Today, a haiku, because tomorrow is Groundhog Day*


Groundhog day; Spring nears
Winter growls again, bears teeth
Oh no, not done yet

Have a great weekend, no matter what the Groundhog and Mother Nature give you!


*Well, also because last night Mother Nature saw fit to drop as much as an inch (AN INCH!) of snow on us here in Cincinnati after raining all day.  Needless to say, cars were spinning around like Tom the Cat on a frozen kitchen floor, expressways were closed, dogs and cats were living together…Mass Hysteria!

2 thoughts on “Today, a haiku, because tomorrow is Groundhog Day*

  1. I love the way a flake of snow causes mass hysteria & nearly 24 hour weather reports!!!! Makes me wonder what 2013 weather reports would be like during the winters of ’77 & ’78!!!!


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