This is where an interesting post would go


But this isn’t one of those.  I mean, it is.  A post, that is.  But interesting? Well, in the immortal (nearly immortal?  somebody check into that for me) words of Bob Barker, “Survey says?!  Oh, I’m so sorry, you’re answer is just not on the board.”

Well, that might be more of a paraphrase.

Anyway, unfortunately, I can’t give you the post you deserve today because I have other pressing tasks to accomplish with the word-making skills.  I’ve got a brand spanking new query letter to polish until it gleams light the sun I saw shining earlier today (pictured above).  And if that isn’t enough, before I get any sleep tonight I have to produce a (blessedly) short synopsis for my new novel, Longshots.  Yes, the one currently being considered in The Contest.  Which, not coincidentally, ends tomorrow.

It’s possible these two things are related.  I’ll never tell.  (Pssst…here’s my entry).

At any rate, the query letter isn’t too scary, although I’ll probably end up rewriting it 3 or 4 times between now and then end of the month.  The synopsis, on the other hand, is nothing to be sneezed at.  The dreaded Novel Synopsis has been known to even bring the most seasoned of A-list authors to their knees, all weepy and beaten.

Now, I see you there, looking all smug and thinking, “Oh, sure, a synopsis.  Whatever, loser.  I wrote, like, three of those back in grade school for Mrs. Droopynecklace.  And I got at least a ‘C’ on all of them.  We called them ‘book reports, remember, Whiny McWhinerson?”

Yeah, look: writing a novel synopsis is not exactly that same thing as slapping together that report on “Flowers for Algernon” in 4th grade.  For one thing, your novel synopsis has to sell your story to someone thinking about representing or publishing it.  And let me tell you, the report you wrote when you were 10 years old couldn’t convince Inuit Native Americans to buy space heaters.  For another thing, a ‘C’?  Really?  Below average?  Go look at the nearest book store or open up the Books heading on and start browsing.  Last time I checked, there were roughly eleventy quatrillion galactic crap-tons of books available for purchase in the world.  If you want yours to be one of those, you’re damn sure going to do better than writing a C-average synopsis.

In fact, if there was any way you could make your synopsis, like, readable crack or something, that’d probably be a good start.

So, as you can see, producing a quality synopsis is tricky.  Like, giving birth an entire living room of fully-assembled IKEA furniture by putting it together via the birth canal without using your hands, tricky

Which is why I need to get started on that, and stop rambling here about this.

Instead of an interesting post, though, I did think to take a picture of the first sunlight since spring theoretically arrived last week requiring me to don my sunglasses.  Yes, that’s the same picture above.  Isn’t it pretty?  I hope the suns sticks around for a while this time.

Now, if I can just write a synopsis that pretty, everyone will be happy.


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  1. So was the synopsis, “You’ll shoot your eye out”, all that was needed? Is less more? I’m not sure when it comes to convincing:)


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