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Landing Your Dream Agent in One Easy Step

Earlier today, I put the last few words of revision into the manuscript for Project Macaroni and sent it off through the ether to my agent. For the foreseeable future I will try to forget about it while she reads through and determines which parts of it are decent—potentially even saleable, one hopes—and which parts […]

Unrelated things you should know about

Some people get to travel to interesting, exciting places for business. New York City, Paris, London, New Orleans, Las Vegas.  I also get to travel for business from time to time. And when I do, boy, do I ever get to go to some, um, smallish, largely unknown places. Places that occasionally might appear as […]

This is where an interesting post would go

But this isn’t one of those.  I mean, it is.  A post, that is.  But interesting? Well, in the immortal (nearly immortal?  somebody check into that for me) words of Bob Barker, “Survey says?!  Oh, I’m so sorry, you’re answer is just not on the board.” Well, that might be more of a paraphrase. Anyway, […]

Humor for the query-worn soul: Rep Me Maybe?

One day last week, as I was driving home from work and contemplating my query letter for Famine – you know, wondering again if a tweak here or there wouldn’t give it a little extra punch, like you do – my car radio assaulted me with a  terrifying song.  You know the one, right?  It […]

I think I’m over-thinking this querying for a literary agent

I found a penny on the ground this morning.  A “heads up” penny, actually.  That’s the lucky kind, right?  At 38 years old (39 in 11 days), you’d think I might be immune to that kind—or really, any kind—of school-yard superstition.  Turns out I’m not.  Which makes me wonder, what’s next?  Hoarding horseshoes or stalking […]

The Novel Query (or, How NOT to get a prom date)

So it’s come to this, finally.  Two years ago, I wrote this post about a guy waking up by himself.  Now, nearly 25 months and 97,434 words later (well, a lot more than that, actually, when you consider revisions), I finally have the novel I always swore to myself I’d write and try to get […]