This space for rent

Okay, so not really. I mean, I totally would probably rent it out if there was a good enough reason, because, hey, who’s above selling out a little bit? Not me. I’d have to start getting a couple of pretty whopping doses of self-righteousness a day, I guess, before started worrying about piddling little things like my reputation. Seriously, money buys M&Ms. An upright reputation? Not so much.

So? Selling out ain’t so bad, right? You know, within reason. Nobody wants to have to deal with erectile dysfunction ads and/or snake oil “product” to enhance one’s, um, member.

Wait? What am I talking about? Did I just….yeah, I don’t know either.  Moving on…

What I meant to say was that I’ve been kind of crappy blogger this week and if I’m going to do better, I might as well rent the website out for kids parties and corporate team building.

Anyway, instead of rambling about selling out and male enhancement, I had totally intended to write a proper post this evening about, I don’t, something interesting.  But then, when I got home from work, the same face that brought you this post planted itself in front of me, and begged to watch this after bath time this evening:


What can I say, I’m a huge sucker. If you need me, then, I’ll be watching Jim Carrey try to be charming with some CGI penguins and maybe eat some popcorn. That is, we’ll be eating the popcorn. Not Jim Carrey. Or the penguins. I don’t think. Maybe they do eat popcorn? Now I’m not sure. I’ll let you know.

Next week, though, look about. Because I’m coming back, baby. And I’ve got a whole pocket stuffed with nonsense to irritate entertain you!

Have a great weekend, puddintopians. Maybe catch a movie with your loved ones if you can.

And try not to set the place on fire.


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