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You Gotta Represent, Especially If You Can’t Ball

Continuing the theme of the week, I couldn’t possibly live with myself if I hadn’t had a pair of basketball socks. Now, the Puddinette will not favor this picture, because she prefers when they look more “natural”, meaning “at comfortable rest” rather than “looking like I just shoved my feet out in front of me […]

Hydrocortisone looks like toothpaste (and 4 other things I learned this weekend)

It’s widely said that you learn something new every day. When I was younger, I had hopes that as I became an Actual Grown-Up ™, I might edge myself every closer to Knowing All The Things, thus making it less and less likely that acquire a new bit of information on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, […]

How to survive a damp Saturday in February

Just a couple of weeks ago, the entire world, or, well, at least most of the greater Cincinnati area, was covered in a cocoon of ice.  The grass, the trees, the basketball nets, everything, was encased in coating of clear, sold water.  In case you missed it, it looked like this: I fear that’s as […]