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It. Is. Done. (kinda)

Late last night, I finished the first pass of revisions for Project Macaroni. You know I’m not pulling your leg because there’s a 100% and a full progress bar over there on the sidebar to the right.  And as I’ve said before, progress bars = science, and science doesn’t lie. After wrapping up that last […]

A Limerick To Warn Against Following Me On Social Media For the Last Weeks of Drafting a Novel

I’ve come to assume that it’s doubtlessYou’d prefer that my posts were word count-less.I should just be condemnedBut hey, look, M&Ms!Man. The suck of this limerick is boundless!

How I (actually) write a book

So, I guess when I wrote this post about the little, everyday rewards I’d give myself after accomplishing a day’s word count, I promised that after finishing the initial draft of OTHER THING, I’d write a post about how I actually go about the work of drafting a novel. And, well, as you can see […]