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Project Macaroni Status: Complete. Achievement Unlocked!

Huzzah! After two longs months of toiling daily in the word mines, reeking of coffee, weakness, dark chocolate, candy-coating, bourbon, flop sweat, and doom, I have finally, finally finished the first draft of my latest novel, codenamed Project Macaroni. How can you believe me, you ask? Especially as I’m known to make stuff up on […]

Making filler posts…like A BOSS!

As you may or may not know (depending on how many f#&@s you happen to give about what I do with myself…which I realize is likely closer to 0 than any other number), I’m roughly 15,000 words and 6-8 chapters away from finishing the first draft of the novel bearing the codename “Project Macaroni”. As […]

A Limerick To Warn Against Following Me On Social Media For the Last Weeks of Drafting a Novel

I’ve come to assume that it’s doubtlessYou’d prefer that my posts were word count-less.I should just be condemnedBut hey, look, M&Ms!Man. The suck of this limerick is boundless!

The Novel Query (or, How NOT to get a prom date)

So it’s come to this, finally.  Two years ago, I wrote this post about a guy waking up by himself.  Now, nearly 25 months and 97,434 words later (well, a lot more than that, actually, when you consider revisions), I finally have the novel I always swore to myself I’d write and try to get […]